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Dry spell on your E-commerce website? We can make it rain!

Who doesn’t want to own an income-generating, sales-making business? We can make this a reality for your E-commerce projects.
To get the best value on your investment, choose from our vast range of E-commerce packages, software and shopping cart systems. After that, our experts will pour their blood, sweat, and tears into designing and developing a website that’ll make you Richie Rich. But our commitment doesn’t end there. With tight competition in the online marketplace, you might need a little help, and that’s exactly what we’ll provide. We’ll continue giving you the support and the maintenance you need to hold your own and become the best E-commerce site there is.

Hosted Ecommerce Solution

Hosted Ecommerce Solutions

Heard of Software as a Service (SaaS)? In case you’re a newbie and this jargon is all Greek to you, let us put it simply: This is the solution to all your questions. With this option, you get the whole online shopping cart system, a preconfigured integrated product catalogue tool for easy implementation and a customized website that is dripping with your brand identity.

What all do you choose from? It’s yours for the picking:
  • Shopping Cart
  • Product Database
  • Online Payment Processing
  • Shipping Options
  • Promotional Tools
  • Traffic/Customer Reports
  • Content Management Tools
Hosted Ecommerce Solution
Hosted Ecommerce Solution
Advanced Ecommerce Solution

Advance Ecommerce Solutions

Want to get everything without making a compromise? Well, this is just for you. With advanced E-commerce solutions, your potential online revenue grows higher and you won’t have to sacrifice anything. It’s because our customized solutions will integrate and fit right in with your existing product database and enterprise system.

Along with the features with a hosted solution, you also get:
  • Open-Source technologies
  • Custom application interface programming
  • Product database integration
  • Legacy system integration
  • Enterprise system integration development
  • Scalability with full feature capacity
  • If you need something that isn’t on the above list, just ask. We’re happy to provide precisely what works best for you

The results will make you love us

Customers Everywhere

Be it desktops, tablets or mobile devices, we’ll make your E-commerce website responsive on every device, making you more visible. And greater the visibility for your business, the wider its reach, and more your profit.

Made Easy

The most annoying thing when visiting an E-commerce website is the loading time. And that’s what our developers avoid with tried and tested methods coupled with the latest techniques. We make your user’s shopping experience lightning fast, taking them from browsing to check out in just seconds.

All About
the Products

It doesn’t matter what your products are, we provide you a host of options for all of them. From customizing your product options based on your requirements to providing a completely new set of product features and functionality, there’s plenty that you can do with your E-commerce site.

Manage Content
with Ease

No more fuss when it comes to updating pages, categories, products and other content on your website. We will design a content management system so easy, anyone will be able to breeze through it like a pro.

Matters Always

When running an E-commerce website, marketing is vital. We will help you boost your marketing abilities with tools that help optimize your page for search engines, create landing pages, and run promotions to drive revenue.



A Word From Our Clients

How we work

With all engagement models you get complete transparency and daily timesheets so you know exactly how much work is being done and when.

Unitedmonks Dedicated Team Model 1

Dedicated Team

If you represent a company with regular large projects, or if your need ongoing work, ask about a retainer. It’s a pay-as-you-go monthly rolling contract. You’ll get our technical infrastructure, expertise, processes and execution abilities as easily as if we were located in the office.

  • No hidden costs
  • 80 or 160 hours of guaranteed production every month for part-time and full-time hires respectively
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • No setup fees
  • Dedicated team is better than Fixed-cost (Learn why)
Model 2

Fixed Price

If you have clear, well-defined requirements, you might prefer our fixed-price model. You’ll pay a certain amount that we agree on for a defined amount of work, making this a simple, transparent deal.we were located in the office.

  • Know exactly what you’re getting up front, and how much it will be
  • Requires no change in price unless your needs change
  • Monthly billing
  • Pay only for measurable work done
  • No setup fees
  • Dedicated team is better than Fixed-cost (Learn why)
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